Application Information

Helping Chicago Organizations Grow and Help More People

WP & HB White Foundation

Grants Are made for operating expenses and specific projects; however, th Foundation does not support visual and performing arts, individuals, endowments or fund raising events.

Proposals for grants should include the following information.

  1. History of the organization.
  2. Purpose and beneficiaries of the request.
  3. Current organization budget.
    1. A budget for projects directly funded by the propsed grant.
  4. Verification documentation of federal tax exempt status.
  5. List of Board of Directors.
  6. List of corporate/foundation contributions.
  7. Latest audited financial statement.

Due to limits in the Foundations only selected proposals can be funded.  A proposal not being selected for funding in no way reflects on the merits of those not given support.

Please Contact Us if you have questions.